Saturday, May 9, 2015

Phra Khun Paen
Roon Setthi Ayotthaya
1st Batch
No lacquer front and temple chop behind.
Lp Chalerm 2558
Wat Kradoktong
Approximately Made 900 pieces.

Additional Information:
All of it was hand pumped piece by piece inside the temple by Lp Chalerm and his temple helpers. Some of the materials for making this batch of Phra Khun Paen are:
1) 108 types of herbs used by Lp Chalerm when making his Phra Somdej.
2) Phra Somdej and Loop Om of Lp Parn (Wat Bangnomko,Ayutthaya)
3) Phong Plai Kuman of Lp Tim(Wat Lahanrai )
4) Phong Prai Samut of Lp Jerm(Wat Hoi Luck)
5) Leftover holy powder of Lp Chan(Wat Bangbo)
6) Leftover holy powder of Lp Chalerm(Wat Kradoktong )
7) Sugar Cane Powder from Lp Yim(Wat Jao Jek)
8) Phra Somdej Powder of Lp Pee(teacher of Lp Chalerm, previous abbot of Wat Kradoktong)
9) Phra Somdej 1st Batch 2507 of Lp Mee(Wat Manwichai)
and many more other materials.

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