Thursday, May 7, 2015

*** Hot New Release Introduction/火热新牌介绍***

**Phra Khun Paen 1st Batch 第一批坤平**

***Roon Setthi Ayotthaya 意思是百万富翁***

***Lp Chalerm 2558 龙普查愣 2558***

***Wat Kradoktong 瓦卡东通***

This batch of Phra Khun Paen is the 1st batch created by Lp Chalerm so he decided to mix in many precious old amulets and holy powders into making this limited edition Phra Khun Paen. All of it was hand pumped piece by piece inside the temple by Lp Chalerm and his temple helpers. Some of the materials for making this batch of Phra Khun Paen are:


1) 108 types of herbs used by Lp Chalerm when making his Phra Somdej. 龙普查愣用来制造顺德的108种药草圣粉。

2) Phra Somdej and Loop Om of Lp Parn (Wat Bangnomko,Ayutthaya) 龙普班(瓦帮农口,大城府)的顺德和路翁。

3) Phong Plai Kuman of Lp Tim(Wat Lahanrai ) 龙普添(瓦啦含莱)的派古曼圣粉。

4) Phong Prai Samut of Lp Jerm(Wat Hoi Luck) 龙普真(瓦海啦)的派萨目圣粉。

5) Leftover holy powder of Lp Chan(Wat Bangbo) 龙普占(瓦帮博)的圣粉。

6) Leftover holy powder of Lp Chalerm(Wat Kradoktong ) 龙普查愣(瓦卡东通)的圣粉。

7) Sugar Cane Powder from Lp Yim(Wat Jao Jek) 龙普音(瓦召节)的特制甘蔗圣粉。

8) Phra Somdej Powder of Lp Pee(teacher of Lp Chalerm, previous abbot of Wat Kradoktong) 龙普皮(龙普查愣的师父, 瓦卡东通的前任主持)

9) Phra Somdej 1st Batch 2507 of Lp Mee(Wat Manwichai) 龙普米(瓦曼为菜)2507制作的的第一批顺德。

and many more other materials. 和很多其他的料。

On 2nd April 2558, this Batch of Phra Khun Paen was 1st consecrated by Lp Chan(Wat Bangbo) from Samut Prakan province. He is 101 years old this year. On 9th April 2558, Lp Chalerm consecrated this batch of Phra Khun Paen for a 2nd time before releasing on 19th April 2558. No booking or pre-order was available for this batch of Phra Khun Paen and those who wish to acquire this batch of Phra Khun Paen had to queue up at the temple early in the morning starting from 9am. Within 1 hour, all the Phra Khun Paen were either sold out or given out to local devotees and collectors. Total quantity made for this batch of Phra Khun Paen are:

B在2558年的4月2日, 龙普占(瓦帮博)被邀请来为这批坤平加持开光。龙普占是泰国萨目怕干省高僧, 今年101岁。在2558年4月9日, 龙普查愣在庙里为这批坤平加持开光第二次。这批坤平在2558年4月19日出庙, 而之前完全不接受任何预定。所以如果想要拥有这批坤平的人必须在早上9点到庙里去排队。在短短的一个小时里面, 这批坤平就已经被抢购一空了。这批坤平所制作的数量是:

Additional Information:
1)Yellow lacquer front and 9 gold Takruts embedded behind - Made 19 pieces
黄漆后面9只纯金达固 - 制作19尊
2)Green lacquer front and 5 silver Takruts embedded behind - Made 19 pieces
青漆后面5只纯银达固 - 制作19尊
3)Yellow lacquer front and no Takruts embedded behind (Num Lerk) - Made 50 pieces (all hand pumped by Lp Chalerm)
黄漆后面没有达固(先印的模) - 制作50尊(全数由龙普查愣亲手压制)
4)Yellow lacquer front and Takrut Samkasat behind (1 solid gold, 1 silver & 1 copper) embedded behind - Made 299 pieces
黄漆后面3色达固(1只纯金, 1只纯银和1只铜) - 制作299尊
5)No lacquer front and temple chop behind - Approximately Made 900 pieces
没有漆后面是庙印 - 大约制作900尊

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