Sunday, November 1, 2015

Phae Rian(Ram / Goat medallion)
1x Nur Alpaka
1x Nur Thong Deang Naka Fabat
1x Nur Fabat Naka Thong Deang
1x Nur Samkasat
Roon Raek (1st batch)
Lp Tong 2558
Wat Puthakien

Additional Information:
Ram / Goat are known to be very tough in Thailand and they are almost impervious to physical harm. Phae (Ram / Goat) are known to be a very attractive animal in Thailand as they are always surrounded by female goats fighting for its attention. Hence, this Phae (Ram / Goat) amulet is created for Kongkrapan and Metta Mahaniyom/ Metta Mahaseneh.

This batch of amulets was mass-chanted in a great ceremony attended by many monks such as Lp Maha Surasak(Wat Pradu), Lp Jak(Wat Chun), Lp Liang(Wat Chom Ket), Lp Nuam(Wat Keow Charoen) and many more.

Lp Tong has already been abbot of Wat Puthakien for close to 20 years despite his young age and he is already famous for his Wild Boar and Tiger amulets created earlier. His items are fast gaining popularity in Thailand.

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