Friday, November 29, 2013

Roon Raek(1st batch)
Nur Thong Pasoom(many different types of metal)
Ac Chum Chaikiri
Mass Chanted 2517

Additional Information:
This batch of Ac Chum's 1st batch rian was chanted by Ac Chum and Lp Kong(Wat Ban Suan) for 16 days and 16 nights.

It was made from 16 types of diffferent materials such as Lek Lai, Chao Nam Ngern(similar to lek lai), Gold, Silver, Nak(pink gold), Metal pieces from top of pagoda etc. Left over material from Pt Seng(Wat Leam Sai)2481 Phra Pita was also used for this batch of material.

Made 2,517 pcs only.

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