Saturday, September 28, 2013

Phra Pita
Nur Phong Bailan mixed with Lp Koon's hair and gold leaf
Roon Koon Pan Lan
Lp Koon 2537
Wat Ban Rai

Additional Information:
The batch of Phra Pita was made at Wat Banrai in 2537 and has more than 40 different types of moulds of amulets. Koon is Lp Koon and Pan Lan is Thousand Million and the meaning of this batch means if all the amulets can be sold, Wat Ban Rai would get a thousand million THB.
Bits of gold leaf can be clearly seen on this pc of Phra Pita. Made only 9,999 pcs. This pc of Phra Pita got 3rd place in recent major competition.

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