Monday, May 9, 2016

Locket Lersi Por Gae
Back with Takrut Thong Deang
Lp Tong 2557
Wat Puthakien

Additional Information:
The back of this Locket Lersi Por Gae is stuffed with many holy powder and is also mixed with skin of old drum. The old drum(close to 100 years old) was obtained by Lp Tong and he cut up the drum skin and mixed it into the holy powder to create this batch of Locket Lersi Por Gae. According to Lp Tong, the effect of adding in drum skin is to let people listen to you more attentively. This is because in the olden times, when a drum is sounded, everybody will stop and listen to the drum.

Lp Tong has already been abbot of Wat Puthakien for close to 20 years despite his young age and he is already famous for his Takruts and Tiger amulets created earlier. His items are fast gaining popularity in Thailand.

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