Sunday, May 8, 2016


Materials that are melted to make the back plate of Locket 1st Batch Ac Tong:
1) Old batch Phra Kring of Wat Suthat
2) Old batch Phra Kring of Wat Bowon
3) Phra Kring Powares 2530 of Wat Suthat
4) Phra Kring Chinabanchon Chot of Lp Tim, Wat Laharnrai, Rayong
5) Takruts and Yant Sheets by various monks around Thailand that were present for the mould pouring ceremony of Phra Kring of Lp Bua(Wat Siburapha) at Wat Bowon.
Materials that are used to stuff inside the locket:
1) Joss Powder of Wat Phrasi
2) Broken fragments of old Phra Somdej from Wat Rakang
3) Broken fragments of old Phra Somdej from Wat Bang Khun Pom
4) Broken fragments of old Phra Somdej from Wat Ketchaiyo
5) Phong Ya Jindamanee of Lp Cher(Wat Klang Bang Keow)
6) Loop Om Mahakan of Lp Kong(Wat Bang Kapong)
7) Phra Pita of Lp Toh(Wat Praduchimplee)
8) 1st Batch Locket of Lp Chup(Wat Wang Krachak) *Lp Chup is master of Ac Tong and considered by many as the No.1 guru monk in Kachanaburi today.*
9) Holy Powder & Hair of Ac Tong(Wat Puthakien)
10) Holy Powder of Lp Prink(Wat Bang Prako)
11) Holy Powder of Lp Thongsuk(Wat Thanod Luang)
12) Holy Powder of Lp Jai(Wat Sadet)
13) Holy Powder of Lp Yord(Wat Keow Charoen)
14) Holy Powder of Lp Woon(Wat Tan Kong)
15) Holy Powder of Lp Koon(Wat Ban Rai)
16) Holy Powder of Lp Yit(Wat Nong Jok)
17) Holy Powder of Lp Tat(Wat Chainat)
18) Holy Powder of Lp Muang(Wat Yang Ngam)
19) Holy Powder of Lp Jak(Wat Chung)
20) Holy Powder of Lp Tiew(Wat Manicholakan)
21) Holy Powder of Lp Maha Surasak(Wat Pradu)
22) Holy Powder of Lp Chalerm(Wat Kradoktong)
23) Holy Powder of Lp Serlong Chart(Wat Yen Senit)
24) Holy Powder of other various guru monks.

This batch of Locket 1st Batch underwent 2 ceremonies. The 1st one was the ceremony of Phae 1st Batch Ac Tong where many guru monks from other provinces were invited. Some of the guru monks that were involved were:
1) Lp Maha Surasak(Wat Pradu)
2) Lp Nuam(Wat Keow Charoen)
3) Lp Jak(Wat Chung)
4) Ac Liang(Wat Jom Ket)
5) Ac Num(Wat Bang Waek)
and many other monks.
After this ceremony, this batch of Locket 1st Batch was not released immediately but instead it was shifted to Ac Tong's kuti and was continuously chanted every day for several months by Ac Tong.
The 2nd ceremony took place on 4/3/16 which was an auspicious day. Ac Tong strongly blessed this batch of Locket 1st Batch together with the 1st batch of Takrut Salika for a few hours before releasing it to the public.

***This batch of Locket 1st Batch is definitely highly collectable and very good for wearing also because it consists of very good materials and underwent 2 major blessing ceremonies to achieve maximum effect for this wonderful amulet.***

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