Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Takrut Lookatat
Nur Thong Deang (copper)
Birthday Batch
Lp Nuam 2558
Wat Keow Charoen

Additional Information:
Lp Nuam is the junior of Lp Maha Surasak. They both learnt from Lp Yord, who is the previous abbot of Wat Keow Charoen. Lp Yord is the disciple of Lp Jai, Wat Sadet, whose takruts are one of the most famous and expensive in Thailand. Lp Nuam also learnt from other famous guru masters like Lp Woon of Wat Tan Kong.
Every pcs is stamped with "45" code. According to Lp Nuam, he will no longer make this kind of Takrut Lookatat. Made only 345 pcs.

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