Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bia Gae
Ngern Longya Casing 3 Hooks (silver with enameled colors)
Lp Cher 2552
Wat Klang Bung Keow

Additional Information:
Lp Cher is one of the most famous guru master to create Bia Gae. He is from the lineage of Lp Pherm and Lp Boon, the 2 previous abbots of Wat Klang Bung Keow and they are considered as one of the top creators of Bia Gae in the whole of Thailand. Maha Surasak also learnt making Bia Gae from Lp Cher.
Bia Gae is one of the best talisman for warding off evil and negative energy.

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