Sunday, November 1, 2015

Takrut Salika
Nur Thong Kam(solid gold)
Ac Wit Chan Hom
*All Ac Wit items are taken personally from his hand at his Samnak in Thailand.*

Additional Information:
This Takrut Salika comes in a pair and it is known as "male(larger size)" and "female(smaller size)". During consecration, Ac Wit will chant and the "female" takrut will go into the "male" takrut. This Takrut Salika is best for Metta Mahaniyom and Metta Maha Seneh.

Ac Wit is also the disciple of Lp Neng(Wat Chulamani) so he is a fellow disciple of Lp Idd(Wat Chulamani) who is the abbot of Wat Chulamani today. Lp Idd deeply respects Ac Wit and he often invites Ac Wit to ceremonies held at Wat Chulamani. Even the Thai Buddha Image Admiration Association chairman, Payap Khampan, also visited him to request Ac Wit to write yants on a gold sheet for him to hang in the office. Even as Ac Wit's fame grew, he still remained low-profile and insists on making most of his amulets by hand.

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