Saturday, May 30, 2015

Roop Muen
Nur Thong Deang(copper)
Roon Mong Khun Ming Mueng
Phim Yai
Lp Koon 2521
Wat Ban Rai

Additional Information:
This batch of amulets was created for Wat Mai Ampawan and it was considered as the first batch for Wat Mai Ampawan. There were 2 Phims to this batch of amulets, Phim Yai and Phim Lek. There are 2 materials for Phim Yai which is silver and copper. The quantity made for silver is around 300 pcs and is very rare nowadays. The quantity for copper is about 5000 pcs. Lp Koon amulets in early era have clear purposes for creation(mostly for fund-raising for rural temples with little visitors) and without additional or special phims, so it is a popular choice among collectors.
WWon competition 2nd place in recent major competition. Comes with water-proof silver plated white gold casing.

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