Sunday, May 17, 2015

Phra Somdej
1st Batch
Nur Phong with Takrut Thong Kam (holy powder with solid gold takrut)
Lp Chalerm 2555
Wat Kradoktong
Made 108 pieces.

Additional Information:
This batch of Phra Somdej was made to celebrate the 90 yrs old birthday of Lp Chalerm. Every piece of Phra Somdej was handmade by Lp Chalerm using 108 kind of holy material and flower pollen powder which was mixed and pound by Lp Chalerm personally. Each piece of Phra Somdej was also inserted with a piece of pure gold tarkrut in the front by Lp Chalerm. Some of the materials include:
1) Somdej Kru(Lp Toh, Wat Bang Krating)
2) Somdej Kampang Keaw(Lp Jong, Wat Na Tang Nok)
3) Somdej(Lp Parn, Wat Bang Nom Kho)
4) Somdej Nur Din(Lp Yim, Wat Jao Jet Nai)
5) Somdej(Lp Nak, Wat Rakang)
6) Somdej Gon Mai Ki 2506(Lp Wong, Wat Sam Gor)
7) Somdej 1st batch B.E 2507(Lp Mee, Wat Manwichai)
8) Somdej(Lp Pee, Wat Kradoktong-master of Lp Chalerm)
and many more other materials.

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