Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Phra Phom Si Na
Rian Lor (pour mould style)
Nur Ngern(silver)
Lp Tiew 2556
Wat Manicholakhan

Additional Information:
Lp Tiew is the disciple of Lp Sie, Wat Sakae in Ayuthaya. Lp Sie and Lp Doo is the disciple of Ac Heng Plaiwan, who is the top maker of Phra Phom in Thailand. This batch of amulets was consecrated by Lp Tiew and Lp Maha Surasak at Wat Bowon first and Lp Tiew consecrated this batch again at his temple, Wat Manicholakan, before releasing it out to the public. The total quantity made for silver material is 199 pcs.

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