Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Phae (Goat)
Made from Buffalo Horn
Lp Sinn
Wat Lahanyai

Additional Information:
Buffaloes are known to be very tough in Thailand and they are almost impervious to physical harm. Phae (Goat) are known to be a very attractive animal in Thailand as they are always surrounded by female goats fighting for its attention.

Hence, this Phae (Goat) amulet is created for Kongkrapan and Metta Mahaniyom/ Metta Mahaseneh.

Lp Aum, Wat Nong Grabok, is the No.1 creator for Phae (Goat) amulets in Thailand. His creations costs more than 100,000THB anytime in Thailand. Before he passed away, he taught the art of making efficacious Phae (Goat) to Lp Lard, who took over as abbot of Wat Nong Grabok after Lp Aum's passing. Lp Lard is one of the teachers of Lp Sinn.

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