Friday, March 22, 2013

Phra Chai
Si Morng Mueng(4 directions)
Sahm Code Niyom(3 codes - popular mould)
Nur Nur Thong Pasoom(mixed metal)
Mass-chanted 2511

Additional Information:
Chanted in 3 ceremonies for distributuion to 4 directions of Thailand(North, South, East, West) upon orders from King Rama 9. Made only 9000pcs. Comes with waterproof plastic casing as shown.
1st) Chanting by CK Nor(Wat Thepsirin)
2nd) Mass Chanting led by Lp Toh(Wat Praduchimplee)
3rd )Mass Chanting by 18 monks in Patalung like AC Num(Wat Donsala), AC Pahn(Wat Kao Oor), PT Kling(Wat Talunthong), PT Klai(Wat Suan Khan), Lp Moon(Wat Kao Deang) etc..

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