Monday, September 10, 2012

Rian Roon Raek(1st batch)
Nur Thong Pasoom(many different types of metal)
Ac Chum Chaikiri
Mass Chanted 2517

Additional Information:
This batch of Ac Chum's 1st batch rian was chanted by Ac Chum and Lp Kong(Wat Ban Suan) for 16 days and 16 nights.

It was made from 16 types of diffferent materials:
1. Leklai

2. Jao Nam Ngern

3. Gold

4. Silver

5. Nak (Pink Gold)

6. Copper

7. Brass

8. Casiiterite

9. Wulframe

10. Rae Jaknarai

11. Sankhawanorn

12. Chin

13. Black Lead

14. Wild Lead

15. LekNamPhee

16. Metal on top of Pagoda

Made only 2517pcs. Comes with brand new open/close type silver casing wrapped in water proof plastic as shown. Actual color of amulet may differ due to lighting issue. Amulet is in very good condition.

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