Monday, September 17, 2012

Phra Somdej
Nur Phong(powder)
Wat Bangkhunphrom
Lp Lampoo 2502

Additional Information:
Phra Somdej created by Lp Lp Lampoo of Wat BKP was mixed with a large quantity of ground old-version Somdej BKPs which had been blessed by Somdej Toh.
Lp Lampoo picked up and collected broken old-version Somdej BKPs for many years from around the temple's main Chedi ground left by theifs who had stolen old-version Somdej BKP from the ventilated holes of the Chedi. The theifs only wanted unbroken amulets to sell for money and pay no attention on those unwanted broken pieces.
In the year B.E. 2500, the main Chedi of Wat BKP was officially opened, LP Lampoo was then the deputy chairman of the audit committee. All good-conditioned, old-version Somdej BKPs were distributed as the great gifts for people who donated for the temple. And a large part of broken Somdej BKP fragments of zero value at that time were well kept by LP Lampoo. In B.E. 2502, the broken old-version Somdej BKP fragments were ground and LP Lampoo brought to mix with holy powder to make his Somdej of various molds.
Lp Lampoo's Phra Somdej is highly affordable for the masses who wish to have an amulet that is as effacious as the multi-million Phra Somdej made by the revered Somdej Toh.
Comes with brand new ah fook casing as shown.

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