Sunday, August 12, 2012

Phra Sivali Lang Yant Na Cha Li Ti
Phim Yant Kup Niyom(Reverse yant, popular mould)
Ac Chum Chaikiri

Additional Information:
This batch of Phra Sivali was chanted by Ac Chum at the Ubosoth in Wat Chamni Hattakarn in Bangkok on 18-25 February 2515. This batch of Phra Sivali was mass-chanted by many famous gurus of the time such as Lp Toh(Wat Praduchimplee), Lp Suphhot(Wat Sutat), Lp Ngern(Wat Donyaihom), Lp Kong(Wat Bansuan) and many other monks who specialises in wealth and luck.

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